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Haven Valley Farm LLC 

Pine Island, MN

Inaugural Year 2020

2021 - Our Second Season

Ok I am ambitious and a dreamer but have you ever gone to a buffet and then looked at your plate when you got back to your and had that feeling, wow this is too much! Well you get the analogy if you would never do that! :)  This year I had some additional equipment and so it seemed easier to expand the garden and there were so many cool plants to try.  So the garden expanded 3x last year. I needed room for all my transplants. 

 Here is a photo journal of the farm this year.

2020 - Humble Beginnings

Our inaugural garden plot; a 75’x75’ area with grazer fence set up

Summer 2020

Below is my post from the start of the 2020 season.  Who could know how things would go? Here are some select photos of the farm. 

The plants are growing well. 

The beets are coming and due for a thinning soon. 

Luckily for us, it has been raining and we were offered a tractor demo, which I highly recommend before buying. More about tractor buying later. What a help that was in moving the water and compost as we did not have a nearby driveway or road and were hand carrying it about 500’.


Check back for updates


We are closed until spring. 


Check back in 2022